Wednesday, November 16

If the Presidential Election were held today...

We would sweep this one like a newlywed groom:

Using these numbers from MyDD and the Electoral Vote calculator from, it's obvious that we'd take it easily. It breaks my heart to see the Gem state as the reddest of the red at the top of Chris' list, tied with Utah for positive opinions of Bush. But oh well, that'll change in three years --as long as satan comes by, asking to borrow my ski jacket...
(As an aside, I gave any state that had a -10 difference or higher in Presidental approval numbers to the democrats.)

I know alot is going to change over the next three years, and that '08 isn't going to be an election for Bush, but "some people say, I'm a dreamer..." The election in 2008 (and in 'o6 even more so) is going to be a referendum on Republican control for the previous 8 years (14 if you count congress).


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