Thursday, December 22

Guess who's getting famous?

Me, baby. From Red State Rebels (Which isn't too shabby itself):

Via the excellent Northwest Progressive Institute's portal, I've just found Thoughts from Idaho, apparently written by a frat man from the U of I in Moscow. Get past the occasionally salty language [V: I love that part] there to read why King George II ought to keep his throne - even after the Democrats take back Congress next year - and how, if the next presidential election were held today, Democrats would rout Republicans in the EC 424-114, with only 13 states going GOP. (Yeah, Idaho's one of 'em - but Montana isn't.)

*Starts dancing* So when do I get my check?

What's that? I do this because I like to, not for the money? What about the GoogleAds at the top? Not getting any money from those, right...
Well shit, at least I'm spreading the good word. (I'd love some new clothes from Express, though)


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