Sunday, January 1

The Battle Plan for the Start of 2006

Via My Due Diligence, Matt Stoller gives us Troops of Progress a plan for fighting the good fight in the next month:

Our strategy is clear. Scream bloody murder about Sam Alito, the wingnut who wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and turn the Presidency into a dictatorship.
Investigate the wiretapping scandal.
Oppose. Oppose. As Josh Marshall says, oppose.
If we win on Alito, great. We can beat him. But even if we don't win, the GOP has some really tough sledding ahead.
The plan is simple: Keep up the pressure. We cannot always rely on our Congressmen to do the right thing. However, if we keep fighting and spreading our ideals, we just might be able to get a few of our guys in Washington in November.


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