Monday, February 27

We Told You So, But That Doesn't Mean We're Happy

We saw it coming, we liberals. We knew that something would happen that would start a civil war in Iraq. We saw through the lies and deceptions coming from the White House and new that Iraq, regardless of the rationale, was a bad idea in the first place. Though Iraq is still a unified nation (in as much as a ripped sleeve of a shirt is still part of the shirt with its last threads clinging for dear life), it borders dangerously close to oblivion.

But that does not mean we're pleased with how it's gone. The Rude Pundit puts it oh so well:

So let's just say it up front here: over here in Liberalburg, we weren't happy when Ronald Reagan was cozying up to Saddam Hussein back in the 1980s. We weren't happy that the United States was backing a brutal, murderous, raping thug, giving him weapons and such. We weren't happy with the first Persian Gulf War. We weren't happy with sanctions that decimated the poorest people in Iraq. We weren't happy that the President wouldn't allow weapons inspectors to finish their work.

We weren't happy with this war to start with, saying, for instance, that a civil war was the inevitable outcome. We're not happy to be proven right. We're not happy, simply, when people are dying for no good cause, with no good outcome on the horizon, and no good way out. Frankly, oh, dear, sweet right wing, on the whole, we'd've rather been wrong and had tens of thousands of people not killed, tens of thousands of America soldiers not wounded. We'd've eaten the crow and, trust us, wonderful, fair right wing, you'd've shoved our faces in the plate of that black bird.

But since we were right, maybe, just maybe, someone oughta pay a political price for being so goddamned wrong. Instead, though, the right's gonna try to turn it around and blame the left and those who "didn't support the war" for its failure. Which would, for all intents and purposes, finally seal the deal on Vietnam redux.

So when the inevitable tide of right- wing talking points try to say liberals are happy as can be that Iraq is ripping itself apart, remember that we find no solace in being right about that that is plain as day. And the day that conservatives realize that will be the first day on the path back to being a rational people.


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