Monday, March 6

Sorry for Slacking

But Midterms have been getting pretty busy (I think this Real Life thing is a bit of a bore). I have some good ideas, but those need to take a back burner to American Foreign Policy (PolS 339), Political Leadership (PolS 404), Diversity and Stratification (Soc 301) and Criminology (Soc 331) for this week. Thankfully, Spring Break is next week, so I can get some R & R in the Lovely Sun Valley (And maybe some skiing in, too.)

But for some substance, the University has finally given us students more bandwidth, so I can finally listen to internet radio whenever I want, instead of at 4:00am, when the traffic was light enough to allow it. I really like Etherbeat Radio, Groove Salad, and Smooth Jazz. They make great study music. (Just to make sure everyone knows, you need either iTunes or Windows Media Player to listen. Just read the directions on the radio station's sites [Hi mom]).


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Sara E Anderson said...

You should check out Limbik Frequencies - I'd say it's the best one of the ambient stations listed on iTunes.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger The Fist said...

my alcp student can kick you alcp students ass!


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