Thursday, March 23

We Are The Cooler Generation

That's the feeling I get after going over this survey from the New Politics Institute (God it feels good to link to a Progressive Think Tank). According to the survey, the "Millennial Generation", aged 13-28, holds more liberal views than those of Generation X or the Baby boomers. I was particularly pleased with the showing of "Trasitional Millennials" (18-22, and yours truely) and "Cusp Millennials" (19-23):

Transitional Millennials (18-22 years old) and Cusp Millennials (23-28 years old) started their political awareness during the Clinton years. While their political identifications are still not fully formed, the greatest number in both groups tend toward a Democratic party identification and a liberal/progressive ideological orientation, the Transitional Millennials more than the Cusp Millennials. These two older Millennial groups, especially the Transitional Millennials, are more likely than any others to hold opinions considered to be “liberal” or “progressive” across virtually all issue clusters: economic intervention, environmental protection, security, crime, education, and social issues. Finally, these two Millennial groups tend to have relatively positive and optimistic perceptions of the political process and their economic futures.

Do take a look at it. They give breakdowns of how the different generations vote. Most suprising to me is that it is Generation X that is most likely to be conservative; something I didn't expect.


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