Saturday, April 22

The Republican '06 Platform Speech

Neighbours, nobody loves you like we do.

Neighbors, your government has triumphed in finally making you a public fit for the 21st century. Never before has a governing body shown so much concern for the economic well-being of its subjects. Today we have insulated you from countless factions who threathen your financial viability, such as the poor; the idealistic foreigners still clinging to their childish notions of social welfare. Why, you're even kept uninformed of useless propagandist journalism that reports alleged violations of human rights (We all know they wouldn't have been punished if they hadn't been doing something wrong).

And who better to dispense such blantently evident factoids but a self-appointed authority like myself?

Acid Rain is a thing of the past. Too many possible causes, too little signifigance for our modern thinking public. Besides, industrial manufacturing is at an all time low anyways. Who needs those narrow minded laborers, too many mouths to feed and to much of a burden on the pay roll. Who needs them here in the land of the free-time? Someother ass back-ward country will give us what we need by exploiting its uneducated children anyway.

The Internet has expanded our ability to pacify average americans better than ever by offering fantastical adventures to every corner of the imagination. Your home office is the window to your world, and the heart of your social life. Such reclusive behaviour helps clear the roads and public works from overburden. Like the lower middle-class and others who depend shamelessly on their government. Today you are freer than ever to do what you want, provided you can pay for it!

Remeber, the first word in USA is US!

We have arrived neighbours, we are the priviliged elite!

If you're curious, you should check out the band Bad Religion sometime. Perhaps look up the song "The State of the End of the Millenium" sometime on iTunes, maybe?

Sunday, April 16

Why I'm Scared about War with Iran

Oh sure, I'm prime draft- age material, but that's not my big concern with War with Iran. If I was drafted, I'd go somewhere away from the front lines, (which is pretty easy to do when you're college educated). I'm more concerned with the very obvious trouble that war would cause internationally. But that still is not what I am most concerned about.

John Laesch is the democratic opponent of Dennis Hastert this cycle. He's a former intel analyst for the military that specialized in Iran. I'll let him say what my biggest concern with an Iran War:

I can tell you exactly what would happen if we were to strike Iran. First, Iranian military forces would shut down the Straight of Hormuz (the choke point through which 35% of the world's oil flows through) and oil prices would skyrocket to a possible $100/barrel.
Here's a pic he has of the straight in question:
Map of Straights of Hormuz

I am scared of an economic collapse that would make the Great Depression seem just peachy. The only evidence I have of that (right now) is my gut. But you couldn't deny that you feel that too. This, more than anything I can think of in recent memory shows that the Middle East has us by the balls. It's getting to the point where 'little' things like flare- ups of insurgents in Iraq will send oil prices up. And now there's talk of Iran, and I haven't heard anything about this until this morning.

I used to wonder if the W. administration was stupid, or had some uber- secret plan that made sense some how. Now I know they're just stupid. NO GOOD could come from a war with Iran at all. What we should instead do is appeal to the young Iranians who are starting to think this whole "fundamentalist state" business might not be all it's cracked up to be. Laesch again:

Currently, Iran is a divided country. Young Iranians are on-line and curious about the western world while religious and military leaders suppress any democratic ideas and oppose student protests. The youth of this troubled nation represent hope for a Democratic Iranian government and it would be a shame if we let them down by dropping nuclear bombs on their country. An aggressive pre-emptive strike would give Ahmadinejad credibility and draw more support for his radical agenda.
I just hope that the voters do the right thing and elect democrats all over this nation. We need congress to curtail the actions of our monarch- in- cheif. I'd even settle for one house taken over and two years of stalemate. At least a stick in the mud isn't trying to kill anyone.

Monday, April 10

What a Bastard

Rep. Bill Sali (R- Kuna) that is. During the debate over SB 1482 (It basically is a redefinition of abortion in the Idaho lawbooks. At least that's what I could figure out from the bill itself.), Sali was quite the charmer (Stolen from the Spokesman):

The House adjourned in the middle of debate on the informed consent abortion bill, SB 1482, after House Minority Leader Wendy Jaquet of Ketchum and the other Democrats walked out in protest of comments made by bill co-sponsor Rep. Bill Sali, R-Kuna.


Jaquet objected to Sali’s mentioning of studies that link breast cancer to abortion. A breast cancer survivor, Jaquet said she knows that the link has not been proven.

“If it’s not a good study then we should not be using it,” Jaquet said.


Newcomb said to Sali, “Why stick your finger in people’s eyes?”

The debate continued, and Sali again cited the studies. Jaquet was seen leaving the House chamber, followed by the other members of her party. Procedural rules mandate that both parties be present on the floor if the House is in session, [House Majority Leader Lawerence Denney (R- Midvale)] said.

God, what an ass. This tard of a Rep. went far enough to piss off the other Republicans, eventially getting chastised by House Speaker Bruce Newcomb (R-Burley):

Newcomb spoke with reporters about Sali, saying "That idiot is just an absolute idiot…He doesn’t have one ounce of empathy in his whole frickin’ body, and you can put that in the paper.”

I'm going to give it to Newcomb, he said the absolute right thing (and with the kind of bite you only see in state politics.)
But I really like what our democrats are doing. Maybe it's because of their super- minority status, but Idaho democrats have balls. They're willing to do the gutsy, red meat acts that really drive us in the base. This walk- out is perfect.

Monday, April 3

The Army Men Project

I am a fan of the quirky, the strange, the odd, and anything that makes you stop and actually think for a second (Sure is fun the be around in this day and age, eh?). So that's why I really want to join The Army Men Project. It's real simple:

We’re spreading plastic Army Men around the country and around the globe as small, everyday reminders of the ongoing horrors of the war in Iraq and to serve as tools to foster dialogue, action and resistance to the war.

I love it. It's a low- cost, creative, and really a clever way to get the diologue going-- Not to mention it's some good propaganda for our side. I'm going to do it, so keep your eyes open around Moscow. We just might get invaded.