Thursday, May 25

I found a "Must Read"

I know it's a cliche for bloggers to post MUST READS, but I broke my own, oh so strict M-W-F blogging schedule to ask you to read a post. "Mutinyblogging Pours the First Drink" is a wonderful read about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, Iran, and well, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Here's the only paragraphs I want to post, because it is definately worth reading the whole thing:

As I was chatting with my Ukrainian friend on that lake 10 years ago, a little paddle boat came up. It was a grandfather and his grandson, and neither one spoke English very well. The older man was trying to say something to us in Finnish. We figured out pretty quickly he was drunk, but we didn't figure out he was blind until he stepped where the dock wasn't and fell into the lake. Even in the summer, it's still pretty fucking cold in a Finnish lake in the middle of the night. So we helped him out and built a fire.

For each of us growing up during the last days of the Cold War, myths were told and shattered, and we'd entered a new age when we could do our small part together to build a better future. It wasn't much, but a godless communist and a racist capitalist were warming up a soaking-wet, blind, drunken, old Finn, and we didn't need to win a war for that to happen. As we navigate a difficult situation with Iran, America needs leaders who are not afraid to acknowledge that the people of Iran are human beings, and that calls for isolating them are not a strategy for defeating them, but a way to preserve the myths that provide a clearer path to war.


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