Friday, May 5

Idaho is good for small businesses

According to ("The Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs"), Idaho is quite the place for small businesses to start up. In a recently released survey, many of Idaho's major cities made the list. Our star player is Cour d' Alene at #5. Not to be outdone, Idaho Falls is #10. Further down the list is Boise- Nampa at #48, Pocatello at #66 and Lewiston is rocking #277. Remember that this is a national survey, so even 277 is nothing to sneeze at.

What does this mean for the Gem State? It's good news. Their methodology "puts the focus on job growth, which we believe is the best measure of a region's economic vitality." This shouldn't be a suprise to anyone living in Idaho, especially for the last 5 years or so. I know my humble home town of Hailey has seen houses go up faster than Knapweed in an open field. That is one of the most obvious signs of the job growth our region has been seeing, and I'm sure this is emblematic of the rest of the state (Or at least these cities and their surrounding communities).

More on's methodology:
To compile the rankings, Inc. measured current-year employment growth, as well as average annual job growth over the past three years and compared job growth in the first and second halves of the period comprising the past 10 years.
So despite our Idiot- in- Chief's best attempts to screw the little guy (which just goes to show you how resilient the economy is to the bumbling of fools), Idaho is doing all right.


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