Monday, June 5

Keep your Eyes on the Prize

No one is going to deny that the Hate Amendment being proposed and debated in the Senate is a blatent pander. Anyone existing in reality will agree that it has no hope of getting the supermajority it requires to pass. But unfortunatly, by ever so accurate gut tells me that all we're going to hear about politics this week is the DMA.

With Iraq, Iran, gas prices, the economy, New Orleans and the new hurricane season, the Cheney Administration deemed this the time to unveil their 'Defense of Marriage Amendment'. Imagine that we are a hunter. For the last, oh... 6 years, we've been hunting for an elusive prey. We're of so close, we have it in our sights. Now, we've been thrown a distraction; something to attempt to take our minds off of what we've been gunning after for so long. So in other words, do not lose sight of our goal.

This is nothing more than a distration meant to take our minds off of what really matters: The mistakes of this administration that are much too common to be acceptable for a governing body. This is all about taking our minds off of Iraq, off of the Katrina mess, off of actually doing what we can do as citizens and holding these criminals accountable.

Keep your eyes on the prize: November.


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