Wednesday, July 26

Kos Brings up ID-01 on Dailykos


But now the GOP is worried about their seat in freakin' Idaho? It's true, as the Republicans betray in their "Retain Our Majority Program" list.


This is nothing short of remarkable. Nebraska? Wyoming? Idaho? The potential for November seem to get bigger by the day. Now I am still pessimistic, in large part because of our turnout woes, in part because of the GOP's ability to motivate, energize, and turnout their core base in what will be a base election. But there is clearly reason to hope. You know what this all means, right? That no one has an excuse to sit this election out. People-power requires you guys to hit the pavement on behalf of your local Democrats. If Idaho can have a congressional seat in play, there's something happening in your backyard that can change this country for the better.

Here's what I said in the comments:
Grant came to our Drinking Liberally night in Moscow (The town the Uni of Idaho is in) way back before the primary. He was awesome! Even though we were mostly 20- somethings, he could appeal to us and our issues. He spoke clearly about his issues and wasn't afraid to call himself a democrat, even if he's a touch moderate for my tastes. I personally think he has what it takes to take ID-1.

I think so because ID- 1 has two large urban areas that have been trending purple for a while: The Cour- d'Alene area (one of the fastest growing areas of the nation) and the Treasure Valley- the suburban half of our capital, Boise. Not only are these areas trending liberal given their urbanization, their growth has been fueled by large influxes of west coast residents looking for simpler (and cheaper) living. It can't be understated how much Idaho has grown in the last 6 years since the census.

I'm not saying ID-1 is the next Berkeley, but maybe a Bosman, MT. Regardless, I'm looking forward to these races coming up; we just might have a blue Idaho a la Montana. But as Kos stated, it's going to take bodies and money. I'm still in college, so I can't flood the money in. What I can do is once I get back to school, I can work for Grant. I'm going to do what I can to get my State Blue. You?

I am in no way affiliated with Grant. Just excited!

Sunday, July 23

What a Great Song

And catchy too:

Tuesday, July 18

Bad Religion - Sorrow


Wednesday, July 12

From the Mouths of Babes...

The American flag stands for the fact that cloth can be very important. [...] You can tell just how important this cloth is because when you compare it to people, it gets much better treatment. Nobody cares if a homeless person touches the ground. A homeless person can lie all over the ground all night long without anyone picking him up, folding him neatly and sheltering him from the rain.
School children have to pledge loyalty to this piece of cloth every morning. No one has to pledge loyalty to justice and equality and human decency. No one has to promise that people will get a fair wage, or enough food to eat, or affordable medicine, or clean water, or air free of harmful chemicals. But we all have to promise to love a rectangle of red, white, and blue cloth.
Betsy Ross would be quite surprised to see how successful her creation has become. But Thomas Jefferson would be disappointed to see how little of the flag's real meaning remains.

Charlotte Aldebron, wrote that in '02 for a competition in her 6th grade English class while attending Cunningham Middle School in Presque Isle, Maine. Four years later, it seems even more relevant.

Tuesday, June 27

I'm not Dead...

Just posting at my brand-spankin' new blog. It has a different style and take on things than this blog. I did it party because I'm schizo, party for the latent artist in my blood, and partly for selfish, ego- inflating reading. So either read it or accept my 'niener niener niener.'